A Guide to Buying Used Lab Equipment

Buying used lab equipment is a great way to save money while still getting the gear you need to get the job done. Of course, you do have to make sure that you are getting what you need – otherwise, it won’t matter that you saved money, as you won’t have received the right items to outfit your lab. Only when you are able to buy from a quality used equipment dealer who offers everything you need will you be satisfied with your shopping experience.

It is no secret that quality lab equipment can be incredibly expensive. Many scientists have had to walk the fine line between getting great equipment and keeping the budget within a reasonable range. If you buy everything top of the line you are likely to blow through your entire budget for the whole year – but buying cheap gear is a recipe for failure. When faced with this conundrum, the resolution is often buying used gear.

A Method for Everyone

You don’t have to be working on a shoestring budget in order to value the opportunity to buy used equipment at a great price. Even if you have a well-funded program, there is no reason you can’t look into good used gear as a way to save a portion of your budget for other uses. Thanks to the many quality used lab equipment dealers that are available today, it is possible to buy excellent equipment for a significant discount over the new price.

Know What You Are Getting

Just like when buying a car, the term ‘used’ can take on a number of different meanings in the world of lab equipment. Does used mean ‘used for one project, cleaned, and put back in the box’, or ‘worn out over several years and tossed into the closet’? In reality, used could refer to both of these situations and more. Therefore, you want to look for specific terms that have a more well-defined meaning in the lab equipment trade.

For example, something that is marketed as being refurbished is usually a piece of equipment that has been inspected by a qualified professional, and repaired if necessary. Something sold as refurbished might not be in ‘new’ condition, but it is likely a piece of equipment that you should be able to rely on. On the other hand, something sold ‘as-is’ will be a gamble. As the name would indicate, this is a product that will be sold to you in its current condition, with no warranty or guarantee as to its capabilities. As-is equipment is usually the least-expensive option that you will find, but there is an inherent element of risk with this type of purchase.

Buying Channels

There are a number of ways in which you can track down used lab equipment for purchase. One of the most-popular options is simply to buy direct from a manufacturer who refurbishes their own products. This is a great option because you will know the repair work has been done correctly, since it was done in the same place where the equipment originated. However, this method is not likely to produce the same low prices as other used options. Specifically, going to a lab equipment auction is one way that you can land rather low prices depending on the exact types of equipment that you need.

Used lab equipment could be a great choice for your lab, but you need to be smart when shopping and do plenty of research prior to making a purchase. Sometimes, the additional cost of a new piece of gear will be worth it when considering the warranty that may come along with the cost. In the end, you need to weigh all of the various factors w

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Gambling in the 21st Century

Gambling in the 21st century gives the gamer more options than ever before. The online casinos just keep growing in number, and there has never been so much choice! Online gambling allows you to participate in sports betting as well as play any table game, slot machine, card game, dice game, or random number game imaginable. Land based casinos are of course limited in the number of games that they are able to offer to the public. There is not enough room in even the largest casino in the world to house the huge variety of games that are available to play online.

Online gambling has changed many people’s minds about gambling. Instead of associating an evening of gambling with time spent in a smoky, loud casino, nowadays those in the mood for a little gaming fun know they can enjoy themselves even more at home. Anywhere you can take your computer and access a wireless Internet connection can become an online casino.

The 21st century has also ushered in what is known as mobile gambling. Mobile gambling is usually done on a cell phone equipped to access the Internet. More and more of the online casinos are offering the mobile option, as the demand for this type of online gambling is growing in popularity. Mobile gambling is ideal more those gaming fans that are on the move constantly. Imagine sitting in a busy airport waiting for your flight, and having the ability to play blackjack or craps without having to bring your laptop computer along!

Some gamers choose which game they want to play based on the bonuses and promotional offers that are often found at the land-based casinos they frequent. Online gambling in the 21st century offers better promotions, bigger bonuses, and more of them than possibly any land based casino in the world. The bonuses at online casinos translate into some serious money, and serious gamers as well as newbies are flocking to take advantage of them.

Another great thing about gambling in the 21st century is that you are not limited to just a handful of casinos. Before online gambling became popular, people did not have the option of choice. If they wanted to enjoy gambling, they had to travel to the nearest land-based casino. Some folks were lucky enough to have a casino that was close enough to their home so that they were able to reach it by car or by some form of public transportation. These gamers could enjoy the fun of gambling much more often than those who had to travel via plane to reach a land-based casino.

While everyone should experience the ambiance and excitement of a large, active casino at least once in his or her lives, the truth is that not everyone will be able to do so. Transportation costs are higher than ever, and some people are unable to leave their responsibilities at work or at home in order to take a day or two off to go away and gamble. Since the advent of online gambling, this is no longer a problem for any of these people. They are able to enjoy the fun of gambling without leaving home to do so.

Gambling is hotter than ever thanks to the massive growth of online casinos and online sports betting. Those who are new to the sport of gambling can try it out online for free at many of the large online casinos available. This is a wonderful method of experiencing the pleasure and fun of online gambling before using actual money to make a wager.

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